Editorial Photography

Designer – Amy told me the shoot should be all about black, gray and white. Hair is done by stylist Auriel from Kc long pai studio. Model – Kelly did a good job and fit perfect on those BCBG dresses. We shot at my best photo friend – Mike O Dell’s studio in Pomona Art District. After this shoot, I want to say the studio is ready to go for commercial shooting such as editorial, portrait, and product…etc. And I will shoot at this studio again very soon.

Ortho Mattress

After I had a meeting with Alvin (art director) and Drew (supervisor) of Ortho Mattress, we decided to shoot black and white for this project. I am excited about it because I love black and white. I used to stay in darkroom for hours for one perfect print. I miss it so much.

Ortho Mattress just release the final version of the image on their website.


Everyone in Ortho Mattress are so friendly and they treat each other like they are family.

Cafe D Amore

Photograph a cup or a tin box may be boring or simple to do but it needs the skill to do it right. When there is story behind a product or a brand name, that makes the image more interesting. When you say Starbucks, Coffee beans are well known in beverage retail, cafe D Amore is famous in wholesale. It was another fun shooting day.