WPPI 2014 Las Vegas Trip

Stopped by the Neon Boneyard Museum during the WPPI week. We found a lot of famous casino signs that they used to light up the Sin City… Although most of the signs are not functioned now, people still want to see the old Vegas relics… It feels like some of the letters and signs are speaking to you …

Antelope HL 047 Antelope HL 048Antelope 01cam 246 Antelope 01cam 281 Antelope 01cam 286 Antelope 01cam 313 Antelope 02cam 279 Antelope 02cam 283 Antelope 02cam 285 Antelope 02cam 293 Antelope 02cam 303Antelope HL 049 Antelope HL 051 Antelope HL 052

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