Lisa and Andy Married !!|Montage Laguna Beach, CA

They met at San Diego, love story started… They got married at another beach city Laguna Beach, their love story continues… Congratulation again !!

LA Wed-007LA Wed-026LA Wed-020LA Wed-031LA Wed-036LA Wed-041LA Wed-050LA Wed-075LA Wed-078LA Wed-088LA Wed-091LA Wed-106LA Wed-173LA Wed-147LA Wed-172LA Wed-181LA Wed-189LA Wed-194LA Wed-210LA Wed-221LA Wed-244LA Wed-247LA Wed-265LA Wed-275LA Wed-287LA Wed-290LA Wed-293LA Wed-325LA Wed-363LA Wed-375LA Wed-382LA Wed-384LA Wed-416LA Wed-437LA Wed-446LA Wed-483LA Wed-488LA Wed-495LA Wed-504LA Wed-509LA Wed-511LA Wed-514LA Wed-540LA Wed-724LA Wed-769LA Wed-779LA Wed-792LA Wed-799LA Wed-803LA Wed-809LA Wed-817LA Wed-833LA Wed-835LA Wed-839LA Wed-853LA Wed-859LA Wed-861

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